Interview with the Founders, David and Alejandra Miller, Part II

The second of a two-part interview with David and Alejandra Miller, Founders of Chesterton Academy of Detroit. Part I is available here.

Q: Describe what you have done so far in founding this school.

So far we have been working behind the scenes to get founding documentation in place. We have run into catch 22's and delays since the start. We finally got our 501(c)3 in place in March of this year, after waiting approximately 10 months. During those months, we greatly expanded our Board of Directors to create a team that can really help oversee all aspects of getting the school running. Our other main goal was to find the right headmaster to help launch and run this school. After more than 2 intense months for all involved, we reached an agreement and our new headmaster and his family relocated from Tennessee to Michigan. The intensity is still high in trying to reach an agreement on the location of the school for academic year 2020-2021.

Q: Tell us a little about your board members, and what you think they bring?

We are very blessed to have had a wonderful group of faithful Catholics come together to form our Board of Directors. Each of our board members brings expertise to this endeavor, possessing skills in the business realm, legal, technical, financial, educational and military organization.  Our board members not only believe in the Chesterton Academy mission, but live the call to be the first educators of their own children as well as living an authentic and sincere Catholic lives steeped in prayer and service. This board has been what has put us on the right path to meet future donors and benefactors and link us to our school site. As we continue to work on all the legal and technical issues of the school, we are greatly aided by the different skills of our team as well as the Chesterton Schools Network and are so happy to have them all contributing to this exciting project.

Q: Why did you select Mr. Ohotnicky as the Headmaster?

Mr. Ohotnicky was selected as our headmaster from a pool of candidates because of his incredible background both inside of and outside of the military. Mr. Ohotnicky has displayed great character and Christian virtue while becoming an Air Force pilot, training new Air Force pilots, leading basic training as well as being deputy chief of staff for Alaskan Joint Command, teaching inside the Academy as well as teaching outside of the Academy and finally in homeschooling his own 7 children within the Catholic tradition utilizing a classical curriculum. His wealth of experience in organization, leadership, and character building is going to serve the school in its founding and especially the students in passing along a love and knowledge of the faith as well as a love for learning and scholarship.  We prayed very much to find the right person and we feel confident that he will be able to lead us in the "year zero" to set up the school by recruiting faculty and future families to make for a great Chesterton Academy of Detroit.

Q: Tell us people are saying to you about the school. Has there been much interest from families?  

There has been a lot of excitement from families all over the boundaries of the archdiocese and even as far away as Ann Arbor.  We have been told many times that this school is an answer to the prayers of so many families who feel ready to pass the baton after homeschooling their children for K-8 years or are looking for a school with a strong Catholic identity (or often both).

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